Module 5 — Happiness with Your Physical Health

Let’s Talk about Our Bodies!

Just the phrase, “physical health” pulls up all sorts of emotions and thoughts, doesn’t it? We’re going to focus on your internal narratives about your physical body. We all have stories we tell ourselves. What are yours? How well are they serving you?  

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” — Robert Urich
Photo by Johann Siemens on Unsplash


Growth Work

  1. Complete the Internal Narratives worksheet – page 51 in your workbook.
  2. How Well are You Honoring Your Core Values? – page 52 in your workbook.
  3. Module 5 Insights & Actions on page 53 – what insights have you gained and what actions would you like to take as a result?
  4. Daily Journaling pages 54 & 55 – two blank journal pages are included in your workbook.
  5. One Big Takeaway – write one big insight from this module in the space on page 132, the last page of your workbook.