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All About Aimee Bucher

All About Aimee Bucher


You know that moment when you look at your life and think,
“Is this it? Is this the sum total of my life?”
It's like an awakening. You look at your life and realize, “There’s so much more to me than this! This is NOT everything I have to offer to the world.” 
I had my own awakening that culminated in June of 2017 when I found myself freshly divorced and fired from my job.
After the initial shock wore off, I realized what an amazing opportunity I had been given!
I got a do over. A reset. I had the chance to create the life that I truly wanted to live.
It was like I was handed a blank slate and I got to write a new story for my life. It was exhilarating! So exciting to jump into that full force and say, “THIS. This is the life that I am going to live. This is my purpose. This is why I am here.”
I chose a life that empowers people to step into their own power and make the shifts necessary to live the lives they truly desire. 
Aimee Bucher laughing in a sunflower field
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Dear Aimee, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your coaching. You’ve been such an integral part of my successes, big & small, professional & personal. I’m a better goal setter, goal accomplisher (is that a word????), and self-talker. You and your services have served me well! I am grateful for you and our time together. Thank you again! 
— Lisa B | Columbus, OH
There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither.

This season is about becoming.

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Sometimes, people want to know a little more about my background. If that's you, you'll like this section! 

I grew up in Lima, Ohio (Lima Senior Spartan, Class of '89!) and I'm living there now. I did my undergrad at Miami University in Ohio and my Masters at The Ohio State University, majoring in Music both times. I taught music at The Ohio State University, Central Catholic High School in Toledo, and wrote the original music curriculum for West Central Learning Academy, an online school in Ohio.
I stopped teaching to stay home with my kids when my first child was born in 1999. While I was staying home I taught myself web design and started a little web design agency in 2006. 

When my youngest child was four I was head hunted and ended up working for a local marketing agency. I was there for 5 years and then (as you can see in the paragraphs above) I was fired. Getting fired was actually a great thing for me because it was one of the things that freed me to pursue what I'm really passionate about — encouraging and supporting people to find and live their passion!
Want to hear a little more of my story?

Check out this interview I did in March 2018 with the one and only Marc Cordon!


  • I have five amazing children, ages 14 to 23.
  • I have two dogs (Lilly & Albert) and one cat (Turtle.)
  • I'm a classically trained pianist. 
  • I love to act and, pre-covid, was frequently in local community theatre and professional productions. 
  • I adore color and surround myself with as much color as possible. 
  • I have a deep, passionate love for chewy candies like licorice and gum drops.
  • I laugh a lot — every, single day. 
  • I'm a huge proponent of getting enough sleep every night. 
  • I live in Ohio and summer is (by far!) my favorite season. 
My kids! L to R: Courtney (Aerica's girlfriend), Aerica, Eli, Xavier, Toby, & Elijah