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What’s your ideal life look like? I mean, really. What’s your ideal life look like? What does your work look like? Your relationships? Your finances? Your social life? Your physical health? Your emotional health? Your spiritual life? Do you have a clear picture of those?
OK, now what does your life actually look like right now? How far away is your ideal life from your current life?
Very few of us are living our ideal lives. Very few of us can rank every area of our life as a ten out of ten. The closer we are to those tens though, the more aligned we become with our purpose in the world.
So what’s it take? What’s it take for you to live your ideal life? I’m sure you have more questions than you have answers. And you have more doubt than you have confidence. And I know this for a fact, because if you have more confidence than doubt, you’d be a lot closer to your ideal vision.
Let’s get you there.
It all starts with a FREE Breakthrough Coaching Session. That's right. It's free. Why free? Because you should never hire a coach until you know that it's going to be a great fit. I offer the complimentary Breakthrough Coaching Sessions so you can discover if my coaching style works for you and I can discover if your client style works for me. (It goes both ways!) 
Here’s how the Breakthrough Coaching Session works:
Using the link at the bottom of this page, you schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Coaching Session. Before your session, you’ll answer a few questions that provide insight into what you really want. (It takes 5-10 minutes to complete the questions.)
The Breakthrough Coaching Session is typically structured like this:
 – We’ll review your answers
 – We’ll discuss your ideal life vs. the life you’re living right now
 – By the end of the coaching part of the session, you'll most likely have clear goals along with action steps that will immediately begin moving you into your ideal life.
Aimee Bucher, Transformation Coach
Go ahead. Send me a message and we'll schedule your session. It's free and I guarantee that even this one session is going to change your life! 
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