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You know that line in Landslide? “Can I handle the seasons of my life?”
I love that line! It speaks so clearly to the doubts and fears all of us have. And it speaks so clearly to why so many women settle into their lives and never embrace the power that is being their authentic self. It’s easy to settle. It’s comfortable. We say, “This is fine.” And, for the most part, we mean it. It is fine. We’re OK with fine.
There are seasons in your life when that’s all you can do. Newborn baby, anyone? You’re so sleep deprived, you’re just getting through each day. And that’s OK. Let me say that again in case no one has ever told you.
It is OK to just get through each day during certain seasons of your life. It’s OK during those seasons to just look forward to the next time you get to sleep. It’s OK.
There’s nothing wrong with you. Life ebbs and flows like the ocean. Sometimes, you can build beautiful sand castles and have lots of beach to run around on. Other times, the tide is so high you can’t even see the sand. The beautiful and terrible thing about those seasons is they only last for the season and then a new season arrives. You’ll have all of those season throughout your life.
We have seasons where we have to just push through. And we have seasons where our lives open up. And that’s why you’re here right now. You’re in a season, or you’re about to enter a season of opening. You’re in a season where you’re ready to live. Where you’re ready to wake up and embrace who you are and what you have to bring to the world.
How are you going to handle your next season of life? What will you do to embrace everything the world offers you as well as what you have to offer the world?
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