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Wayfinding: How to Navigate Your Life

What is “Wayfinding: How to Navigate Your Life”?

Glad you asked! Take a little journey with me....
What is the last big decision you made? Did you struggle with this decision? How many nights did you lose sleep weighing the pros and cons of your options?

What if you knew the various signs in your life that indicate you are moving in the right direction? What if you knew, with an increasing certainty, how to navigate difficult decisions as well as your everyday, walking-around life? 

Polynesian voyagers can be out in the middle of the ocean and know full well how to get where they're going because they understand which signs to observe and how to interpret them. What if you had the same type of knowledge about your life? You look, and BOOM! The answers are clear.
You know, as well as I do, that easy answers to life are hard to come by. BUT, I want you to know, that answers can be so much easier in life!
My books is designed to give you the tools to understand which signs in your life can be used for navigating and how to intentionally apply them to your unique life situations. This will change everything about how you live. Literally. If you truly understand which signs are guiding you, which signs are warning you, your life will change in big, significant ways.
The book is also filled with stories of people living in alignment with their wayfinding signs as well as stories of people who have found themselves very mis-aligned with their signs. It's part inspiration and part cautionary tale. 
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