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The Values Book

What is The Values Book?

Glad you asked! Take a little journey with me....
What is the last big decision you made? Did you struggle with this decision? How many nights did you lose sleep weighing the pros and cons of your options?

What if you had a sort of filter that you could run all your decisions through? A filter that would quickly and easily guide you in the right direction?

What if you could simply ask yourself a series of questions regarding your decision and BOOM! The answer makes itself clear?
You know, as well as I do, that easy answers to life are hard to come by. BUT, I want you to know, that answers can be so much easier in life!
My books is designed to give you the tools to name your core values and intentionally apply them to life situations. This will change everything about how you live. Literally. If you truly know and live your core values on a day to day basis, you will change your life in big, significant ways.
The book is also filled with stories of people living in alignment with their values as well as stories of people who found themselves very mis-aligned with their core values. It's part inspiration and part cautionary tale. 
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