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Have a big (scary!) goal you want to achieve? Are you ready to take serious action that guarantees your success? Coaching will get you there! 
Goal Success Coaching with Aimee Bucher
What is Goal Success Coaching?
Goal Success Coaching starts with checking your alignment with your core values and discerning your “why” behind your goal. We’ll define what success really looks like and we’ll spend time visualizing that success.

We'll develop weekly actions and accountability that move you forward as fast as you want to go. We’ll look at your supporting tribe, timelines and schedules, and the role your ego plays in all of this.
Who is Goal Success Coaching for?
Goal Success Coaching is for people who have a big, exciting goal. Want to start your own business? Change careers? Are you ready to take serious action that will move you forward quickly? Goal Success Coaching is for people who are ready to crush it.

Goals Success Coaching is appropriate for everyone: teenagers or adults; men, women, non-binary, trans, whatever. If you have a big goal or a bunch of smaller goals you want to achieve, this is for you! 
What are the Benefits of Goal Success Coaching?
Setting big goals and getting all the way through to success can be challenging. Surrounding yourself with the right people on your journey is of utmost importance.

A coach provides a safe space where you can be vulnerable, yet still focused. Developing a clear vision and strategy with a coach provides the solid foundation for you to be super successful!
1.5 – 2 hours per week for 16 weeks
Money: $1000/month for 4 months 

How Does Goal Success Coaching Work?

Each week, you’ll have growth work to do to prepare for your next coaching session. And each coaching session has a particular focus. The list below is the basic structure for this coaching package, BUT we will adjust whatever we need to in order for you to get the maximum benefit from your coaching. 
There may be topics listed below that simply don’t apply to you so we will shift those weeks to other things. Or you may have a particular area that you want to spend more time on. Or, the process below may fit you perfectly and we’ll follow it to the letter. We’ll work together to make this coaching as effective as possible just for you!
Week 1
Coaching: Intro to Goal Success
Growth Work: Complete Energy Leadership Assessment 
Week 2
Coaching: Energy Leadership Assessment
Growth Work: Core Values Worksheet 
Week 3
Coaching: Core Values
Growth Work: Five Whys Worksheet 
Week 4
Coaching: Developing Your Why
Growth Work: Success Vision Worksheet 
Week 5
Coaching: Defining Success
Growth Work: Visualization Exercise 
Week 6
Coaching: Visualization and Attaching Emotions
Growth Work: SMART Goals 
Week 7
Coaching: Actions & Accountability Part 1
Growth Work: Tribe Map Worksheet 
Week 8
Coaching: Developing and Embracing Your Tribe
Growth Work: SMART Goals 
Week 9
Coaching: Actions & Accountability Part 2
Growth Work: Journaling Exercise 
Week 10
Coaching: Timelines and Schedules
Growth Work: SMART Goals 
Week 11
Coaching: Actions & Accountability Part 3
Growth Work: Journaling Exercise 
Week 12
Coaching: Letting Go of Ego
Growth Work: Journaling & SMART Goals 
Week 13
Coaching: Actions & Accountability Part 4
Growth Work: Fear Setting Exercise 
Week 14
Coaching: Fear Setting
Growth Work: Vision Exercise 
Week 15
Coaching: Wrapping It All Up
Growth Work: Actions Mapping Worksheet 
Week 16
Coaching: Actions & Accountability Part 5 
Goal Success Coaching with Aimee Bucher

Go Big or Go Home!

You’ve got the vision! Time to make it a reality! Goal Success Coaching will move you toward your goal at lightening speed.