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Retreats and Workshops

Retreats and Workshops

Wine & Journaling Workshop

Wine & Journaling
Date: Wednesday, May 16
Time: 7 – 9 PM
Where: Vino Belissimo
Admission: $15
Are you feeling tired and don't know why? Do you wish you had some space to figure out what's REALLY going on in your life?

Whether you're an avid journaler or just looking for another way to find more meaning and energy in your life, this event is for you!

Grab a glass of your favorite wine and let us lead you through a set of specially-curated journal practices to help you rediscover your energy and live more intentionally. 
$15 admission includes journal and a glass of wine.
2019 – My Best Year Ever! A Group with Aimee Bucher
Register for the Group Here!
$15 admission includes journal and a glass of wine.

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