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Aimee’s Personal Journal

Your Personal Journal 

Personal Journal by Aimee Bucher, Life Coach
This is my personal journal that I created* for my own personal daily use. I had several things I wanted to incorporate into one daily journal. I wanted to have my big 3-year vision in front of me as well as my daily gratitude, concerns, and more. I’m really loving this journal and I thought other people might like it, too! 
“The personal journal is extremely helpful. It really zeroes in on the value of goal setting and the path I'm on versus where I want to be. Thank you!”
— Carmel M
What Will I Use this Journal For?

Develop your three year vision.

Evaluate 14 areas of your life and how close or far they are from your 3-year vision. 

List your wins from the last 90 days and the wins you will achieve in the next 90 days.

30 days of journal pages to write what you’re grateful for, what you’re excited about, what you’re struggling with, one action you will take today to move closer to your 3-year vision, and a free journaling section to write about whatever is taking up most of your brain space today. 
Complete the form on this page and you’ll get instant access to your own personal journal. I think you love it! 

Get Your Personal Journal Here

After you complete the form, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download the PDF. You’ll also get an email with a link to the PDF. Print the journal and then commit to writing in it every day!
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*This journal was very much inspired by the article, "How to Become Your Future Self" by Benjamin Hardy.
Image Credits: Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash and Denise Chan on Unsplash