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Ready to have your best year ever?

2019 is YOUR Year!

Are you ready to really have the best year of your life? This is the group for you! 
2019 – My Best Year Ever! is a private Facebook group designed for people who want to crush their 2019 goals.
Here’s how it works:
When you sign up you’ll get a workbook designed exclusively for this group. The workbook comes with a video guide (the video guide is also posted at the bottom of this page) to support you as you set your goals for 2019.  

When you get your workbook, you’ll also get a link to the private Facebook group

Each week, you’ll decide your actions you want to take toward your 2019 goals. We’ll post our weekly actions in the Facebook group and hold one another accountable, provide each other encouragement, and celebrate our successes! 

There will be weekly videos for encouragement and motivation.

There will also be contests and other fun surprises throughout the year to help you stay motivated and on track. 

Sign Up Here!

Membership is $10/month. It includes the downloadable workbook, membership in the Facebook Group, exclusive weekly motivational videos, group accountability, encouragement, and so much more! 


You have to decide how committed you are. Is this going to be your year? Is 2019 going to be the year you quit making excuses and really move forward?

We all know that accountability makes all the difference. Imagine having accountability and encouragement! Cheerleaders who want to see you succeed! And other people that you can encourage and hold accountable. It’s a pretty amazing group!! 

But, you have to decide. It’s $10 each month, but the value you’re going to get is SO much more than that! 
Want to know more? Here's a little bit about the workbook and how it sets up us up for success with our 2019 goals.